The Helm Case Study

The Helm utilises SPSenvirowall’s innovative Cavity System 1 with a buff flexible brick slip

The 18-storey Telereal development now known as The Helm, comprises 159 residential units, 2,800sqft of retail space and 37,000sqft of Grade A office and underground car parking, developed by Watkin Jones and utilising SPSenvirowall’s new and innovative Cavity System 1. Expertly installed by 2nd Generation Facades, the £300,000 façade package utilised a high performing, buff flexible brick slip (SpeedySlip) and 100-150mm mineral wool to achieve a 0.20 u-value calculation.

The application of brick slips to the Cavity System gives the Helm development a traditional and authentic finish desired by the client.

About the Cavity System

The SPSenvirowall Cavity System 1 creates a drainage void between the cladding and the sheathed framed structure and is the next generation of this solution and addresses the challenges of the design and supply of cladding systems.

The speed at which the LSF and insulated cladding can be erected and weatherproofed, provides extensive benefits to developers, often removing the cladding from the critical path, bringing forward the internal trades and thereby shortening the contract period, thus eliminating the problems associated with brick and blockwork construction.

The SPSenvirowall Cavity Systems consist of EuroClass A1 components, which are mechanically fixed back to the inner sheathing board to create the designed cavity width, with either the insulation board fitted directly to the A1 fillets (CS1 system) or a secondary A1 sheathing board and insulation (CS2 system). The Cavity System benefits from a Kiwa BDA certification and is accepted by leading building warranty and insurance providers. In addition, the new system from SPSenvirowall is compliant with approved document B and Technical Handbook section 2 and has a minimum EuroClass Reaction to Fire classification of A2 –s1, d0.

With an A rated fire classification, the Cavity System meets the requirements of the building regulations for buildings over 18 meters in height. The system can accommodate a range of finishes, including SPSenvirowall high performance textured finishes – Silicone, FlexiSil and Enviromin as well as brick effect facades – SpeedySlip and BrickStick, offering the traditional appearance of brick which is extremely durable and lightweight.

Added Value

SPSenvirowall’s Cavity System 1 has added real value to innovative working practices by allowing the use of bricks to continue on high-rise SFS structures in light of the guidance issue by MHCLG on banned substances, including non-metal cavity trays which has led to a decline in the ability to use traditional brick.

Due to the changes in regulations surrounding fire, projects which were committed to using brick were coming to a halt, this technology is now allowing these projects to be fulfilled and therefore, advancing market opportunities. The certification that comes with the Cavity System 1 gives piece of mind to the client and investors.

The system allows greater u-values to be achieved as insulation can be incorporated in the structure and within the cladding zone. The size of the flexible slips used means fewer deliveries are required reducing the carbon foot print for example, half a square meter of slips is the same volume of one brick adding to sustainable practices.

Cost is vastly reduced due to less deliveries being made to site, there is less need for site storage, particularly useful in densely populated areas and it is faster to apply, providing faster returns to the developer. Delivery times are reduced considerably. Because the slips take up less volume, stock holding is greatly increased, allowing a production run to be completed to cover the entire job.

The Cavity System 1 is lighter which leads to less injury and repetitive strain injuries, and due to the replacement of real bricks, there is an absence of brick dust which is much healthier for the lungs. It is SPSenvirowall’s hope that the use of this technology has provided and will provide transformative effects across the construction industry.

Key Benefits

  • KIWA BDA Certification
  • Compliant with Approved Document B and Technical Handbook section 2
  • Minimum EuroClass Reaction to Fire classification of A2 – s1, d0 EuroClass A1 support system
  • Takes cladding out of the critical path by quickly weatherproofing the building
  • Low-cost cladding solution
  • Fast application
  • Tried and tested
  • Wide range of colours and finishes including brick slips
  • Easily achieves high levels of thermal performance
  • Highly durable and weather resistant
  • Crack resistant
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The Helm Case Study

The Helm utilises SPSenvirowall’s innovative Cavity System 1 with a buff flexible brick slip

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