Supertech™ External Corner Bay Profile

External Corner Bay Profile for Benx Supertech™ Plank

Used to provide a neat finish to the external corners of a bay window.

  • External corner Bay profiles for Benx Supertech™ Plank are installed vertically on 90 degree external corners of a build where the weatherboard planks are lapped either side of the corner.
  • 3000m long x 34mm x 26mm x 31mm x 31mm x 26mm x 34mm.
  • Please note that these trims must be installed before the boards with the 34mm leg sitting behind the boards and the ends of the lapped boards butting up to the 26mm leg.
  • All colour matched trims are supplied in 3m lengths and manufactured in 0.9mm thick aluminium.  Symmetric corners are available in 23 different colours to suit all Supertech planks

Technical Specifications

  • Material – 6063 T6 grade Aluminium
  • Dimensions – 31mm x 25mm x 35mm x 1mm x 30mm