Bamfylde Way Case Study

SPSenvirowall supplied their 60-year assured BOPAS accredited RendaClad solution.

After the successful build of 67 units at Porsham Heights, the working collaboration between SPSenvirowall, C&P Plastering, Galliford Try Partnerships, and Plymouth Community Homes is overwhelmed by the benefits generated on the second phase housing development in Southway, creating a beautiful range of brand new homes to Brentor View.

The old primary school site is host to 95 homes, 55 of which are for affordable rent and 40 for shared ownership. These new homes offer easy access to shops and schools, along with great transport links in and around the Southway community.

The range of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom houses have adopted a modern method of construction approach utilising local timber frame manufacturers Cornwall Timber Build along with SPSenvirowall’s 60-year assured BOPAS accredited RendaClad solution.

This streamline methodology of building advances the delivery time to that of conventional methods whilst ensuring high-quality standards are achieved, in turn providing homes quicker to the much-needed families of the Plymouth Community as more than 15,000 people remain in need for housing.

The construction completed through negotiation opposed to competitive tendering was delivered 6 months early, with homes being occupied some 10 months ahead of schedule.

Calculations for preliminary savings are projected at around £197,000 which meant that the main contractor exceeded their projected and ambitious profit margin.

Despite its sizable savings the main benefit actually goes to the housing association which not only has an asset in which it is able to further lend against.

Combining time savings and revenue by embracing the MMC approach for this contract, it has achieved an added value sum of over half a million pounds against conventional methods which was delivered to the programme.

Additionally, the existing neighbouring homes of the surrounding area have benefited from a substantial reduction in disruption with the early delivery of this new site, minimising the day to day impact that comes with all construction sites. It is not only the duration benefits saved but also the environmental impact of such deliveries needed when using traditional construction materials.

If the external façade alone had been constructed using a masonry aggregate block with traditional sand and cement render the site would have needed to order a staggering 1417 tonne / 97 rigid vehicles to satisfy the m2 requirements, by using SPSenvirowall’s RendaClad as a proprietary lightweight façade this was the catalyst solution in the reduction of vehicle requirements whereby the RendaClad components were delivered in full on 8 rigid loads / 135 tonnes.

This reduction in vehicle activity equated to significant CO2 savings and also had a positive impact on the local community.

With Skerries road delivering similar percentages of savings and Brentor View confirming these positive results when procuring in a collaborative manner and embracing the use of modern methods of construction, Plymouth Community Homes and Galliford Try Partnerships aim to continue adopting this construction type for future homes needed in the region.

As Galliford Try Partnerships continue to incorporate MMC and offsite construction nationally throughout their organisation, SPSenvirowall is looking forward to enhancing the benefits through our partnering arrangements.


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Bamfylde Way Case Study

SPSenvirowall supplied their 60-year assured BOPAS accredited RendaClad solution.

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