Foundation 200 Case Study

Allface support system together with Swisspearl and Solid Aluminium façade
products to be supplied for scheme to create homes for the homeless

RCM has agreed a strategic partnership with Volumetric Ltd, to supply its Allface support system together with its Swisspearl and Solid Aluminium façade products for a scheme to create homes for the homeless, a scheme launched by Hill Partnerships.

Hill Partnerships pledge, known as Foundation 200, aims to provide 200 modular homes for homeless people over 5 years at a cost of £12m, developing on small plots of land in and around the Cambridge area and will be built to an exceptional standard utilising offsite modern methods of construction.

Andrew Hill of Hill Partnerships and Founder of Project Foundation 200 recently appointed Volumetric Ltd as a strategic partner, supplying approximately 500 housing pods throughout 2021. The first significant project is due to take place in Haringey and will consist of 34 modules.

Built offsite at the Volumetric advanced manufacturing facility, RCM’s Allface Support System, Swisspearl and solid aluminium façades will be utilised on the modular homes and once built, they will be delivered and lifted into location with a mobile crane, fully equipped and fitted out with kitchens, shower-rooms, bedrooms and living spaces.

At Benx Ltd, we understand that as a responsible business we have a social responsibility to help improve the communities within which we operate. CSR is high on our agenda and given the current homeless situation in the UK, we are proud to be just one of many involved in such schemes as Foundation 200, it is important that initiatives like these are given the support they need, to help tackle the crisis, reduce homelessness, and create sustainable communities. We will continue to invest and engage in not only the future of our products but also in our workforce and local communities.