Celebrating Benx Certified Products

At Benx, we are proud to hold BBA and KIWA certification on so many of our products and it’s one of the big reasons why many architects and contractors continue to choose Benx and our products for their projects.

Securing the right accreditations and agréments for our products is of a high importance which is why we are proud that 24 of our products are certified by the BBA and KIWA.

Working directly with the BBA and KIWA during the testing process, our technical team play a vital role in ensuring the safety of our products for your peace of mind, confidence, and assurance in the Benx product range.

Our award winning and certified offering includes:

Systems with KIWA BDA Agrément

Cavity System 1 Flexible Brick
Cavity System 1 Render
Cavity System 2 SpeedySlip
Cavity System 2 Render
Cavity System 2 Mineral Wool with FlexiSlip
Wall System 1 with Flexible Slips on Masonry
Wall System 1 with Render on Masonry

Systems with BBA Agrément

RendaClad onto Timber Frame
TS Rail with Mineral wool for Timber Frame
TS Rail System
TS Rail with EPS for Timber Frame
Wall System 1 with Mineral Wool
Wall System 1 Phenolic & EPS
Wall System 2 with EPS
Wall System 2 with Mineral Render

Façades with KIWA BDA Agrément


Façades with BBA Agrément

Supertech Weatherboard

Building Boards with BBA Agrément


To view or download our BBA or KIWA certificates head to our technical centre. Ensure the safety of your build, the future of façades is here.