Create Truly Stunning Facades with Supertech

Exterior cladding transforms buildings, enhancing both their insulation and aesthetic appeal. Choosing the right material is crucial for longevity, appearance, and protection. Enter the Benx Supertech collection, made from fibre reinforced cement, which offers an array of benefits for any building project.

The Benx Supertech Advantage

Supertech weatherboard stands out with its BBA Certification and A1 non-combustible fire rating, ensuring the highest fire protection and peace of mind for property owners. With 18 finishes and colours available, Supertech provides a natural wood effect minus the imperfections found in timber.

Why Choose Cement Fibre Cladding?

  1. Easy Installation

Lightweight Material: Cement fibre boards are easy to handle and position, whether installed by hand or using a nail gun. This lightweight nature reduces labour costs and simplifies the installation process.


  1. Durability and Weather Resistance

Long Life Expectancy: Boasting a life expectancy of 40-50 years, cement fibre cladding is resilient against rot, extreme weather, and moisture.

Fire Resistance: Inherently fire-resistant, this material adds an extra layer of safety, enhancing the building’s protection properties.


  1. Minimal Maintenance

No Repainting Required: Unlike vinyl or PVC cladding, cement fibre boards require minimal maintenance and do not need repainting.

Easy Cleaning: A simple soap-and-water solution keeps the cladding looking fresh and new.


  1. Environmentally Friendly

Reduced Additives: Using minimal additives in production, cement fibre cladding is an eco-conscious choice, comprising mainly sand, cement, and water.

Less Dust: Producing less dust than alternative materials, working with fibre cement ensures a healthier environment for installers.


  1. Pest Resistance

No Vulnerability: Impervious to pests, cement fibre cladding is resistant to damage from woodworm or nesting birds, thanks to its composition of cement and reinforced cellulose fibres.


Elevate Your Building with Supertech

The Supertech collection from Benx doesn’t just improve the look of your building; it enhances its value, safety, and longevity. With its superior fire rating, environmental benefits, and ease of maintenance, Supertech is the smart choice for modern facades. Discover the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality with Supertech’s diverse range of finishes and colours.

Transform your building today with Supertech. For more information, click here or contact our team of experts.