Render Finish

Benx render-only façades are a cost effective external envelope solution
Benx offers a complete portfolio: Base coats, anti-crack reinforcement and topcoats.

Suitable for new build, refurbishment and some modern methods of construction projects, the Benx range of render-only solutions offers a cost-effective solution to the external façade of a building.

With silicone, acrylic and mineral render finishes and a comprehensive range of colour options including a colour matching service available, Benx can help match any design criteria for your project.

Our range of basecoats, topcoats, mesh and detailing beads have high-performance, weather resistant and anti-crack properties, ensuring a longer lasting finish and the best all-round solution to a render-only application.


We offer a range of polymer modified cementitious basecoat designed to be used as a water-repellent basecoat for mineral or organic finishes



We offer a range of acrylic, silicone and granomin textured thin coat finishes, pre-mixed and ready to use organic resin renders.


Reinforcements & Trims

Reinforcements and decorative trims are an important part of a render-only system.