Resource : EPDM


EPDM products are used for sealing tasks and to accommodate movement where flexibility and elasticity are needed. They
come into their own as rubber skirtings around plinths, flashing, spacers and journal bearings. Benx supplies EPDM
products to specification, so the product is always project-specific.

EPDM is an elastic type of rubber. It is weather and ozone-resistant and can withstand temperatures down to -45°C and up to +130°C. It is therefore extremely suitable for use outdoors.

Key Benefits of EPDM Products

  • UV resistant
  • Good sealing characteristics
  • High elasticity

  • Benx supplies EPDM rubber sheeting to your specified measurements for flashing applications, etc. EPDM rubber sheeting can be used for: Rubber skirting...
  • DAFA EPDM High Tack Adhesive is a solvent-based contact adhesive designed specifically for bonding EPDM membranes to approved insulations in addition to...