The Great British Insulation Scheme - investing in the growth of a green economy

Formerly known as ECO+, the scheme will offer support to up to 80% of people across the country in council tax bands A-D to make their homes more energy-efficient. This will translate to significant savings for households, with an estimated £300-400 reduction in energy bills per year on average.

The scheme is part of a £1 billion energy efficiency program running from Spring 2023 until March 2026, which forms a crucial part of the government’s target to reduce energy demand by 15% by 2030, on its journey to net zero. The Great British Insulation Scheme aims to help achieve this goal by reducing the amount of energy households consume, therefore reducing carbon emissions and helping to protect the environment.

Improving energy efficiency in homes has several additional benefits. For instance, it can improve the comfort and warmth of homes, improve occupants’ wellbeing, reduce the need for maintenance, and improve the local environment. By creating demand for EWI energy-efficient materials and technology, the scheme can also support the growth of a green economy, creating jobs and contributing to economic growth.

Overall, the Great British Insulation Scheme is a welcome initiative that will help to reduce household bills, protect the environment, and contribute to the growth of a green economy. It is an example of how government support can make a real difference to people’s lives, and it is hoped that this scheme will continue to expand in the years to come, providing much-needed support to households across the country.

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