DAFA RooFoil 200™

DAFA RooFoil 200 is a part of DAFA AirVent Sysetm and is a strong permeable fabric which can be used for both roof decking and wind barriers in a lightweight external wall structure.

DAFA RooFoil 200 is a three-layer fabric, manufactured from a combination of PP weave and foil with high tearing strength. The fabric is permeable with an Sd value of approx. 0.015 m. The Sd value must be multiplied by a factor of approx. 5.7 to obtain the Z value. DAFA RooFoil 200 has a black surface with dotted lines on both sides for marking overlaps

  • EN 13501-1

Technical Specifications

  • Roll length


  • Roll width

    1.1 and 1.5 - 0.5 %, +2 %

  • Weight

    200 + 10 % g/m2

  • Fire classification

    EN 13501-1

  • Tearing strength lengthways/widthways

    220 / 160 + / -50 N

  • Elongation upon failure lengthways/widthways

    45 / 70 + / -30 N/50mm

  • Tensile strength lengthways/widthways

    320 / 200 + / -60 N/50mm

  • Sd value

    < 0.015 m

  • Water tightness

    W1 Class

  • Flexibility at low temperatures


  • Exposure time

    Max. 8 weeks

  • Item number (1.1 m/1.5 m)

    620023115 / 620023105

  • EAN number (1.1 m/1.5 m)

    5705636400587 / 5705636400624

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