DAFA UV tape is a part of DAFA AirStop System and is perfect for taping vapour barriers, roof decking and wind barriers.

DAFA UV tape is a single-sided tape made from acrylic.

DAFA UV tape is particularly suitable for outdoor use in the building envelope during difficult working and building conditions. The tape can also be used for vapour barriers in tough climates, or capillaries with fleece coating such as DAFA DiFoil.

DAFA UV tape can withstand direct sunlight, periodic heavy rain, moisture and large temperature fluctuations without losing its adhesive properties.

DAFA UV tape meets the stringent requirements in relation to permanent airtight seals for vapour barriers in accordance with EnEV (DIN 4108-7).

  • 60mm x 25m
    100mm x 25m

Suitable for Taping:

  • Overlapping on roof decking
  • Repairs of roof decking
  • Wind barrier overlaps
  • Difficult vapour barrier joints
  • Vapour barrier overlaps with
  • Fleece, such as DAFA DiFoil

Technical Specifications

Single-sided tape with exceptional strength and adhesion, suitable for overlapping on roof decking, wind barriers or difficult vapour barrier joints.

Acrylic adhesive, solvent-free and water-based.

The adhesive is highly resistant to moisture and other climate effects.

Technical Information

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