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Manufactured using compressed natural basalt (a readily available volcanic rock) bonded together with an organic binder, Rockpanel façades are sustainable and environmentally friendly. The boards are finished with a 4 layer water-based coating to seal in the appearance and colour to provide a lasting finish.


  • Rhinestone Oak
  • RAL7004
  • Ebony Limestone
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  • Fire rated to EN 13501-1 class B-s2,d0
    Fire rated to EN 13501-1 class A2-s1, d0 (FS-Xtra only)

  • Rockpanel is ETA certified and therefore bears the CE quality label. The certification means that the product complies with the very stringent European Assessment Directive.
    CWCT Testing data is available upon request.
    KIWA Certification pending.

  • We supply Rockpanel sheets shaped, sized and phased to your specific requirement.

    From your supplied panel list we can optimise your required panels against standard sheet sizes to provide the most efficient use of the material, ensuring that you get the most panels out of the minimum number of sheets with the minimum amount of wastage. Our inhouse facility can cut, shape, drill, slot, bevel, bull nose and finish to most specifications.

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Rockpanel façades have the hard and durable qualities of stone providing high levels of impact resistance,  but provide the advantage of a material which has the workability of wood.

Easy to install, these boards are both strong and flexible, and can be cut, bent, shaped and curved to achieve the desired vision without compromising on durability. Impervious to water, and with high levels of weather stability Rockpanel requires minimal maintenance, is self-cleaning and maintains its original striking and beautiful appearance with colourfast finishes.

Rockpanel offers 11 key different ranges with many different colours, surface patterns and finishes available. The Rockpanel Premium range offers those who want something truly striking a custom solution allowing for a premium design.

Rockpanel offers two different fire grades of board with some ranges coming in both grades with others just coming in one.

Rockpanel FS-Xtra

Fire rated to EN 13501-1 class A2-s1, d0

This range is suitable for buildings over 18m.

RCM is the only UK stockist of A2 grade Rockpanel (FS-Xtra). We are pleased to have been able to take stock of eight of the most popular colours in the Rockwool Colours palette. This enables us to shorten the lead time for these colours and improve the service which we provide. The eight colours which we currently stock are:

    RAL 7004 Signal Grey
    RAL 7012 Basalt Grey
    RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey
    RAL 7022 Umbra Grey
    RAL 7035 Light Grey
    RAL 7037 Dusty Grey
    RAL 9005 Jet Black
    RAL 9010 Pure White

RCM offers a complete fabrication service for Rockpanel façades , please contact our technical department for details.

For more information please visit the Rockpanel website here.

Rockpanel provides BIM data files for the full range of its sustainable façade panels, which you can access and insert into digital building models. – Click here for more information.

Rockpanel is ETA certified and therefore bears the CE quality label. The certification means that the product complies with the very stringent European Assessment Directive.ETA-13/0340.


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  • Fire rated option of EN 13501-1 class A2-s1, d0
  • ETA-13/0340
  • KIWA – *pending. Full through wall Agrément in process
  • Easy to install and low maintenance
  • Almost 100% recyclable
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Exceptional weather resistance
  • More than 200 colours, surface finishes and patterns

Key Applications

  • External façades
  • Roofline detailing
  • Internal and external detailing
  • Soffits and facias
  • Dormers
  • Infills

Recommended Fixings

Rockpanel Case Study University of West England

The University of West England has added high-quality accommodation to its Frenchay campus. The buildings on Coldharbour Lane consist of townhouse-style accommodation and 23 self-contained flats.

Suitable for the Following Construction Types

  • Lightweight Steel Frame

  • Timber Frame

  • Modular / Offsite

  • Concrete Frame


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