Safewall®: The complete Through-Wall system from Benx

Benx launches the first
KIWA certified Through-Wall solution

Benx KIWA certified, A-Rated, Through-Wall solution.

Benx introduces Safewall® the UK’s first fully certified Through-Wall system with an “A” fire rating and suitable for use up to and over 18 meters. It is an outer wall external cladding system designed to be mechanically fastened to a light gauge steel or timber framework to form the external face of a new or existing building. It incorporates an air cushion or cavity which provides a drainage, ventilation and thermal solution.

The accredited cladding elements are fixed to the substrate wall by means of our exclusive lightweight aluminium substructure.

Trust Benx to offer the client, the specifier and the construction team a truly substantiated solution for their project.

Safewall® Through-Wall Solution

  • KIWA certified elements

    A system certified integrated external Through-Wall solution from the sheathing board through to the rainscreen finish.

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